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    Everything Outdoors

    From a very young age Tom has been engaged and passionate about outdoor and adventure activities. With over 20 years of leadership and management experience in the outdoor and adventure activity industry Tom is able to combine his range of high level qualifications and skills to deliver, provide and facilitate exceptional outdoor and adventurous learning

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    Instruction, Coaching and Guiding

    Tom's diverse range of instructional experience means that he can apply himself to many aspects of activity delivery. He is highly qualified and multi skilled as well as being current and up to date with modern approaches to adventurous education and practice.

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    Training, Technical Expertise and Consultancy

    Tom can deliver a range of training and competency based solutions for your organisation, staff or individuals. His experience and knowledge expands to providing technical expertise in a range of activities as well as providing a consultancy service to clients for their safety and risk management systems.

  • National Governing Body Qualifications and Training Courses

    Tom is a provider of a range of courses and qualifications, for more information click on the links below. You can find current prices and course dates in the 'Book Online' Section.

  • Expertise and Experience

    Learn more about Tom's skills, areas of expertise, experience and working knowledge...

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    Mountaineering and Overland

    Climbing mountains is part of Tom's upbringing having climbed all of the UK's highest peaks by the age of 11 and Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis at 9. Tom's love for rock climbing and mountaineering has allowed him to climb extensively in the UK, much of Europe and also on trips to the USA. Combining mountaineering techniques and his passion for technical rope work and water Tom has also canyoned in many part of Europe and also spends time working and providing technical guidance for the gorges and combined water and rock activity in South Wales.

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    Leadership and Management

    In addition to outdoor leadership Tom has spent a number of years in a management position responsible for a range of staff and personnel linked to the provision of outdoor and adventure activity. Tom has worked in both public and private sector and also has experience of educational establishments, local authority and non-profit organisations and commercial delvery of a service. In recent years Tom has been appointed the coordinator of the SWOAPG and has worked on projects such as the Dell Management Challenge 2015 (Race Director www.managementchallenge.co.uk). Tom has recently been appointed Vice Chair of the AAIAC.

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    Caving and Undergound

    The UK has large expanses of underground passages both in the cave systems found in the limestone areas of the UK and the man made mine networks left behind by man. Tom has caved in the major regions of the UK and completed many of the larger trips in the South Wales area. Tom has caved in France and Spain as well as exploring many of the vertical potholes and caves of the Yorkshire Dales.

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    Technical Expertise

    Toms wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with his technical qualifications and commitment to CPD allow him to act as a technical expert in a range of activities. Tom has provided services for Local Authorities and has a working knowledge of how to implement risk management strategies and solutions for a range of situations. He is a provider of the RLSS NWSMP and also works with clients to implement competency based assessments of staff for activities such as Gorge Walking and other aspects of outdoor activity that are non-NGB affiliated. With an in-depth understanding of the licensing requirements for outdoor activities (AALA and other inspection / regulatory requirements) Tom has worked at a range of establishments and for organisations to be successful in their inspection process.

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    Rivers, Lakes, Sea and Surf

    Just as happy on the water, Tom is a competent Kayaker and Canoeist and has paddled many of the white water rivers of the UK, Europe and also in the USA. In addition, Tom is often found in a boat (or board) on the sea enjoying waves from the South Wales beaches or abroad where he has enjoyed many classic breaks in Spain, France, Portugal and Morocco.

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    Not content with participation Tom enjoys competing in both road and trail running races, road cycle events and triathlon. In 2013 Tom completed IRONMAN Wales and ranked in the top 10 teams in the inaugural Breca Swim Run on the Gower in 2018. Tom enjoys keeping fit, training hard and looking for new challenges to enjoy and complete.

  • ASsosiation and Professional Standards

    Learn more about Tom's membership to professional bodies and affiliation to regional representation...

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    Association Of Mountaineering Instructors

    The Association of Mountaineering Instructors is the representative body for professionally qualified Mountaineering Instructors in the UK and Ireland

    Tom is a Mountaineering Instructor and holds the MIA award. This consolidates years of mountaineering, rock climbing and hill walking experience, instruction, leadership, technical competence and environmental awareness in the outdoors.

    For more info visit: www.ami.org.uk

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    Association of Caving Instructors

    ACI is the representative body of professional caving instructors in the UK

    Tom is a Caving Instructor and holds the CIC award. This consolidates years of caving and underground cave leadership experience, technical and vertical caving skills and understanding of the subterranean environment

    For more info visit: www.caveinstructor.org.uk

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    Royal Life Saving Society

    The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is the Drowning Prevention Charity and the UK’s leading provider of water safety and drowning prevention education.

    Tom is able to provide the NWSMP which embraces contemporary approaches to risk management by balancing the need for simple pro-active safety management practices, with a strong focus on preventative measures – along with effective emergency response skills.

    For more info visit: www.rlss.org.uk/professional-qualifications/nwsmp

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    Institute of Outdoor Learning

    Membership of the Institute demonstrates your professionalism and integrity in outdoor learning. It shows that you and your organisation are not just technically proficient and safe, but that you take the learning you deliver seriously and strive to be the best you can be.

    Tom is an accredited APIOL and currently looking to work towards Leading Practitioner accreditation

    For more info visit: www.outdoor-learning.org

  • Connect With Tom

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